2013 NCAA Tournament Profile: Pittsburgh Panthers

By Joseph Nardone
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 24-8

RPI: 43

BPI: 13

Conference: Big East Conference

How They Qualified: At-Large Berth


The Pittsburgh Panthers are off to the wonderful world of the ACC next season. In the opposite of fitting, their Big East Conference careers ended in the conference tournament when another traitor future departure, the Syracuse Orange bounced them from the competition. It has been a really strong run for the Panthers, as under Jame Dixon alone they won two regular season titles and one conference tournament.

However, there has been some growing scrutiny coming at Dixon. Many consider Pitt as a team who can’t adapt to playing a much less physical style of play in the NCAA Tournament.


What You Need to Know:

Leading Scorer: Tray Woodall (11.8 ppg)

Leading Rebounder: Steven Adams (6.2 rpg)

Leading Passer: Tray Woodall (5.2 apg)

Bad Losses: Rutgers

Good Wins: Georgetown, Syracuse, Villanova (twice)


Like every other Pittsburgh team in the history of the program they choose to not rely on one dominate star. As per Dixon, the Panthers rely on a deep, 10 man rotation to get everything done. Whether or not Dixon tries to shorten his rotation or use it to his advantage will be interesting to see. Also, Steven Adams will need to play much more aggressively and efficiently on offense if the Panthers want to make a strong run in the tourney.

Side note: Dixon is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Because, you know, that is just awesome.

The Pittsburgh Panthers are dancing!


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