March Madness: It's About That Time of Year

By Anthony Lenahan
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

With the last of all automatic bids going to the Big 10 conference champion, Ohio State Buckeyes, the regular season is officially over for every college basketball team.  The final four automatic bids were punched today and now it is time for some post-season action.

March Madness is the greatest time of the year and it is finally set to take off.  This has been one of the most exciting years in college basketball history and everyone is looking forward to this being one of the craziest tournaments ever.  I mean, how can you not?

Not one team has dominated the entire season. In fact, no team has ever looked better than any other team.  There is no Kentucky this year who is just going to walk all over every other team and that will make the tournament even better.

This is the year a one seed could win or an eight seed could win.  You never know with how this season went.  Upset after upset and you can’t expect anything else to happen in the big dance.

With a bunch of great mid-majors and Gonzaga as a top seed, will this be the year of a mid-major national champion?

You have to think there will be another Cinderella this year, but will there be more than one?  There are just so many talented teams who are going to have chances to pull off upsets as a high seed.

This has the potential to be the first year ever where a No. 1 seed falls to a 16 seed.  You never know what is going to happen this year and that is going to make it a great tournament.

It is the time every college basketball fan has been waiting for and now for the next four days, sit back, relax at work and fill out some brackets!

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