Miami (FL) Wins First ACC Championship

By Anthony Lenahan

Miami (FL) won the regular season ACC championship for the first time in school history and then followed it up by winning their first ever ACC tournament championship today.

Shane Larkin proved he was one of the best players in the country as he tore apart North Carolina’s defense with his outside shooting, driving ability, and his ability to create open shots for his teammates.

With a double-dip of ACC championships, the Hurricanes have a strong case for a No. 1 seed and certainly played like one today.

Larkin is the main piece to the Canes, but he has plenty of talent around him.  Miami’s ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter as well as inside the paint makes them extremely effective.

Today, Miami was 12-22 (54.5%) from behind the arc and that is hard to overcome as an opposing team.  Trey McKinney Jones led the Canes from the outside making 6 of his 9 attempts from long range.

Julian Gamble and Kenny Kadji held their own in the paint combining for 18 points and 14 rebounds.  Reggie Johnson did not have his best game, but he will definitely have better performances come tournament time.

Durand Scott injured his back on the very first play of the game, but was able to come back and make a little bit of a difference.  He played great defense and chipped in for a couple of points while playing a little shaken up.  His performance yesterday is the Durand Scott you should get accustomed to watching, not the one that played today.

Everyone on Miami’s performances all come back to the play of Larkin.  Larkin’s ability to score makes him a great player, but he is one of the best passers in the game as well.

He is almost un-guardable and can beat anyone off the dribble while making dime passes when the defense collapses on him.

Larkin makes this team special and their double ACC championships proves it.

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