Best Buy Store and the Saint Louis Billikens Became Besties on Selection Sunday

By Joseph Nardone
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Saint Louis Billikens did one of the more unlikely things on Sunday, it wasn’t winning the Atlantic 10 Conference title either. After SLU beat the VCU Rams to win the conference tournament, time was running short on their chances of being able to watch Selection Sunday in any normal fashion. So the team did what any 15 year-old kid itching for a new DVD or video game would do, they went to Best Buy.

For those unaware, Best Buy is a glorious place filled with TVs, video games and a slew of electronic devices that would make any nerd jump up for joy. So Saint Louis assumed that Best Buy would be as good a place as any to do an un-hostile takeover.

In the team went, waiting to see where they would be seeded and who they would play. Apparently the manager of that particular Best Buy was more than happy to fill their needs. Then a night off awesome social media moments erupted.

Saint Louis had to sit very close to one another because of the lack of room in the store. So while they did have the ability to watch the seeding be announced, they were also forced to bond in ways that only kids who went to backwoods summer camp can appreciate (well, outside of the awesome electronics).

The team also showed off their conference tournament trophy whenever they could. Here are some pics of the team watching Selection Sunday with their new toy.

Courtesy of SLU Athletics


Courtesy of SLU Athletics

The manager of the store was said to be happy to have them. He has also stated that the team helped the folks working at the store put everything back where it originally was. Let’s hope Saint Louis continues to use this kind of quick thinking and teamwork in the NCAA Tournament.

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