Can the No. 11 Seed Belmont Bruins Upset No. 6 Seed Arizona Wildcats?

By Trevor Lowry
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 11 seed Belmont Bruins will enter the NCAA Tournament with the word upset being on their mind, but can Belmont really take down the No. 6 seed Arizona Wildcats?

In one word: yes.

Although Arizona has had some great wins on the season and was consistently ranked in the top 25 this year, Belmont comes into this game on a six-game winning streak, including victories over Ohio and Murray State. Arizona has lost three out of its last six games, so the Wildcats have definitely been shaky as of late.

The Bruins have four players that score 10 or more points per game, including Ian Clark, who is averaging 18.1 points per game on the year. Clark has also made 99 threes this season, so he will easily be one of the most dangerous players on the court in this one.

Belmont scores the ball and then it scores it some more. The Bruins’ high-powered offense is averaging 77.2 points per game on the year, which makes it the 15th best team in college basketball in that department.

The 11-seed vs. 6-seed upset doesn’t happen every year and definitely does not occur as much as the 12-seed vs. 5-seed upset, but it is still one that is picked year after year to happen. Out of all of the No. 11 seeds, Belmont likely has the best chance to move on. Yes, Arizona is a great team with some NBA talent, but the Bruins are coming into the tournament hot and their backcourt will be very hard to stop no matter who they face, let alone the Wildcats.


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