Celebrating Entry in the NCAA Tournament, LaSalle Explorers Style (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a college basketball die-hard like myself, then you love everything about the month of March. From the time honored tradition of Bill Walton trying to get Ben Howland fired to Selection Sunday, everyone loves the madness that comes in the third month of every year. The LaSalle Explorers are no different than you or I, for this one instance at least.

LaSalle was said to be one of the bubbliest of bubble teams this past Sunday. Las Vegas had them as a lock, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi projected them (And somehow all 68) into the NCAA Tournament and even some CBS folks had them in as well. So naturally, given that they are all the kiss of death, the Explorers were a nervous bunch of young-pups while Greg Gumbel was doing his spiel on a late Sunday afternoon.

Then, at approximately some time during the TV show (Sorry, I don’t know the exact time. I was busy doing THIS for you), this broke out:


That is right, the Explorers went all ape-feces bonkers on us. They did not care that a national viewing audience was watching, they did not pass go nor did they collect 200 dollars — those kids enjoyed the living Sam Cassell out of the moment.

However, they need to enjoy this while they can. The grind of the big dance starts in a few short days.

The Explorers are set to play the Boise State Broncos in the (play-in) first round on Wednesday night.


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