Kentucky Wildcats Top NIT Seed but will Play Away in Opener

By Joseph Nardone
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats don’t get left out of the NCAA Tournament often, but when they do, they already have their arena booked so they have to play NIT games on the road. Bad, overplayed jokes aside, top seeded Kentucky has to play their opening NIT game against the Robert Morris Colonials on the road because Rupp Arena is already booked to host some NCAA Tournament games.

What can only be explained as a poor decision in hindsight, Kentucky bid to host the tournament games because they likely assumed the NIT is for losers and they would never have to compete in such an abomination of a tournament. The winner in this whole debacle (well, until the game is played) is Robert Morris, who will now be hosting the first round game.

Kentucky has put a bid in to host second and third round games, so if they were to advance they would get a home game or two. Hopefully the NIT has some common sense and makes sure that the Wildcats will get to play some home games — assuming they beat Robert Morris.

John Calipari has stated that while he is disappointed his squad didn’t make the big dance, that he will use the NIT to improve his players. Odd, that most of the players he will be looking to improve will all be gone after the postseason is over for Kentucky. Either Calipari is super-confident that his “one and runs” are coming back or he is trying to help his guys be more prepared for the pros.

Robert Morris is hosting Kentucky. So at the end of the day, that is pretty cool. All is not lost in this arena booking mishap.

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