Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders Could Go On A Run

By Trevor Lowry
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

No team should look too far ahead in the NCAA Tournament, but breaking this rule, Middle Tennessee State could go on a deep run.

The Blue Raiders will have to play a very tough team in the play-in game against the Saint Mary’s Gaels, but this is a Middle Tennessee State team that has only lost five games on the season.

Not to mention, Middle Tennessee State did manage to beat Ole Miss in its out-of-conference schedule. This is the same Ole Miss team that just beat the Florida Gators for the SEC championship. However, it will not be easy even against the Gaels later on tonight. Saint Mary’s has a Matthew Dellavedova. Dellavedova may not be the flashiest guard in the world, but the kid can definitely shoot. He is not the only good player on the Gaels, but he is the kind of player that takes his team on a Cinderella ride all of the way to the Final Four.

The Blue Raiders may have not even won their conference tournament, but they have only lost one game since Jan. 3, which is kind of good and all.

If Middle Tennessee State wins tonight, it will play the No. 6 seed Memphis Tigers in the second round. The Tigers have had a great season, but Middle Tennessee State has to like its chances in that one. The upsets have to come somewhere, so why not from a team that has won 17 of 18 games? Why not from a team that gave Florida a fight for its money in the first half in Gainesville? Why not Middle Tennessee State?


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