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5 Reasons the Belmont Bruins Can Make a Run to the Sweet 16

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Reasons the Belmont Bruins Can Make a Run to the Sweet 16

2013 March Madness
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It’s March, which means one thing, March Madness! It’s tournament time, a time where teams enter knowing one loss will end the season. One loss will end everything they have trained for since August. It means college basketball is over for the parties involved.

March Madness guarantees a number of things. There will almost certainly be at least one buzzer beater, probably many more, a few Cinderella teams, players standing out for their respective teams and some of the best games we’ll see all season.

Speaking specifically of Cinderella teams, there’s a little school in the Ohio Valley Conference by the name of Belmont Bruins that has the potential to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament.

They shoot better than mostly everyone in the country and they score often. This is a team that is much more talented than anyone may know. They performed exceptionally well in the OVC championship game, which was one of the greatest games of the 2013 college basketball season.

The only real weakness the Bruins have is rebounding, as they are ranked 276 in the country in rebounding. Here’s the thing though, when you have the fourth best shooting percentage in the country, you don’t have to rebound a lot. You can get by without having the greatest rebounding team in the country.

Belmont has the potential to do some damage and catch a few teams sleeping early in the tournament. If they get the right matchups, they could join their OVC brethren, the Murray State racers and the Morehead State Eagles as notable Cinderellas of the past few seasons.

In addition to the reasons on this list, every team can always use a bit of luck during the NCAA tournament. Here are the five reasons Belmont could make a Sweet 16 run.

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The OVC Causes Fits for Opponents

2013 March Madness
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Last year, it was Murray State. The year before, it was Morehead State. The OVC has consistently cranked out Cinderella teams that have upset the big boys in the tournament.

This year, Belmont will sneak in and do damage.

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The Are Conference Champions

2013 March Madness
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Conference champions know that they are lucky to be in the tournament. These teams play harder and stronger than any others. The drive behind these teams is insane.

Belmont has the drive and motivation to advance deep into the tournament.

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If the Slipper Fits...

2013 March Madness
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Cinderella teams gain momentum early and continue through the tournament gathering the emotion and support of the entire country.

If Belmont wins in the first round, they could very easily springboard off of that momentum all the way into the Sweet 16.

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Field Goal Shooting

2013 March Madness
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Belmont is currently ranked fourth in the nation in field goal percentage. Simply put, they don’t miss often.

This team shoots well, and can cause a fit for any team they play.

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Statistical Advantage

2013 March Madness
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Arizona is ranked 47th in points per game, 99th in rebounds per game and 84th in field goal percentage.

Belmont is ranked significantly higher in all three categories. The stats are in Belmont’s favor throughout the first few rounds of the tournament.