2013 NCAA Tournament: LeBron James Tweets Reaction to Marshall Henderson's Shot Selection

By Paul Seaver
Joshua Lindsey-USA Today Sports

Marshall Henderson accomplished two things on Friday that he had never done before.

First off, he won a game within the NCAA Tournament, as Ole Miss capitalized on a 26% shooting performance from No. 5 Wisconsin to advance forward to the Round of 32.

Henderson scored 17 of his game-high 19 points in the second half, helping the Rebels pick up the upset. The interesting factor in Henderson’s performance on Friday afternoon however, is that he began the game shooting 1-of-11 in the first half. Well, college basketball fans across the country are aware that he has no conscious in regards to his shooting percentage or number of shots taken.

Henderson will shoot and shoot and shoot, no matter how many times he has missed. Some people may not be fans of his erratic shot selection, but bottom line is this — that conscious was what helped key victory for the Rebels on Friday. His 17 second half points on 5-of-10 shooting was exactly what Ole Miss needed.

Well, with the attention that Henderson warrants, he’s sure to attract a crowd. That crowd extended to Miami Heat star LeBron James on Friday afternoon.

Welcome to the big stage and the NCAA Tournament, Mr. Henderson — LBJ took notice of your game.

James tweeted this out on Friday afternoon:

Well first of all, LeBron spelled “Ole” wrong, but secondly, he’s pretty accurate in his analysis.

Of course, Henderson has the greenest light in basketball (maybe not the history of basketball) — but he kind of needs to.  Henderson has burst onto the scene this season, leading the SEC in scoring at over 20 points per game. He also lifted the Rebels into the NCAA Tournament by way of aSEC Tournamentchampionship, and now put the Rebels into the Round of 32.

He deserves the green light, LeBron.

Henderson can shoot all he wants.

He did respond, however:



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