2013 NCAA Tournament: Marshall Henderson Doing "Marshall Henderson Things" For No. 12 Ole Miss

By Paul Seaver
Joshua Lindsey-USA Today Sports

I’m telling the truth when I say that in the second round contest between No. 5 Wisconsin was playing No. 12 Ole Miss, one team shot 26%.

The Badgers featured one of the nation’s toughest defenses all season long, but on Friday afternoon they got a taste of their own medicine in an upset loss to the Rebels. Wisconsin couldn’t hit anything, especially late when Ole Miss finally started to convert on some shots of their own.

The catalyst behind the Rebels’ late rally — Marshall Henderson.

Who else would be, right? Marshall Henderson was doing “Marshall Henderson Things” on Friday afternoon, keying an Ole Miss attack late with a number of crucial baskets.

Yet, how do you define “Marshall Henderson Things?”

Well, Henderson was 1-of-11 from the field in the first half on Friday, but then things changed. Just keep chucking is what he probably thought to himself. Well, if that’s the case, it worked. Henderson scored 17 points after the break and Ole Miss was able to make its move.

Henderson converted on five of his last ten shot attempts, finishing the contest with a game-high 19 points. Henderson, who has taken over 500 shots from the field already this season, launched 21 attempts in the victory. Sure, it’s not efficient, but it’s so Henderson.

After finally getting some shots to go down, it was becoming more and more clear that Ole Miss was going to scooping up a victory. That they did and as those final five field goals fell for Henderson, his emotions began to take over. Henderson was seen nodding his head and getting the group fired up. That’s so Henderson.

Marshall Henderson was doing Marshall Henderson things and it’s probably not the last time we will see it.


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