Florida Gulf Coast Proves Name On A Jersey Means Little In NCAA Tournament

By Brian Lester
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports Images

Names on the front of a jersey used to mean something in the NCAA tournament.

Rarely would a team with the tradition and success that Georgetown owns fall in the opening round of some school that sounds more like a local junior college than a Division I team.

But there was Florida Gulf Coast on Friday night, dazzling the nation and dominating the Hoyas in a 78-68 victory, perhaps the biggest upset of the tournament up to this point.

What the 15th-seeded Eagles reminded us of  on Friday night is that March is magical.

March is maddening.

And more importantly, the Eagles reminded us that shocking the world is possible if you play with heart, play with passion and play with unmatched determination.

The Hoyas didn’t show up to play, at least not enough to play at the level they needed to be at to knock off a team that has only been a D-I program for six years.

The college basketball landscape has changed drastically over the years. The power programs don’t intimidate the smaller schools anymore. They don’t dominate with size and experience because the edge in those departments have been limited, in part, by the one-and-done rule.

Yes, Florida Gulf Coast’s win over Georgetown is an upset. The Hoyas were the second seed. But in a college hoops world filled with parity, it’s not all that stunning.

Florida Gulf Coast showed up to play against Georgetown, and now it is moving on to the next round.

The Eagles created a magical moment, basked in the glow in of their one shining moment, and they have the potential to create a few more before their tournament run is finished.

Brian Lester is a college basketball writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @BLester1993.

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