Florida Gulf Coast Shocks the World With NCAA Tourney Win Over Georgetown

By Connor Muldowney
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Florida Gulf Coast has played the best game in school history. The first round of the NCAA Tournament is always a treat for fans and players alike. The Eagles shocked the world in what looks like a upset-riddled tournament with a win over Georgetown.

This isn’t as rare of a feat as it used to be as the No. 15 seed Eagles took down the No. 2 seed Hoyas in a tight game. The game was not as close as the final score indicated, marking the fact that Georgetown made a furious run near the end of regulation.

Sherwood Brown may emerge as this year’s tournament under-the-radar player, making a name for himself with a solid 22-point performance to go along with nine rebounds. On the other side of the court, Otto Porter had a horrid game, shooting 5-17 from the floor.

The Eagles pulled off yet another No. 15 seed upset in the first round, marking the third in the past two seasons.

Just six years ago, this Florida Gulf Coast team wasn’t even a Division I team, looking to join the ranks of the top teams in the nation and try to shock the world by making the tournament. This year marked their first ever NCAA Tournament appearance and they made a grand entrance.

It’s not often you see an upset win of with a team in their first ever tournament appearance.

This is Georgetown’s fifth straight tournament appearance without a solid run since making the Final Four six seasons ago. Could this put John Thompson III on the hot seat? This is possible but it may take a lot more to get fired after taking a team to the tournament year after year.

The Eagles may make an incredible Final Four run after a huge win like this. Being up 19 points at one point is a big deal especially against one of the favorites to make a run in the tournament. If you’re like me, this is a bittersweet upset– your bracket probably took a huge hit, but I’ll take great basketball over a great bracket any day of the week.

Watch out for Sherwood Brown and the Eagles as they are poised to shock the world. Again.

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