March Madness: NCAA Basketball Brackets are Game of Chance, Luck of the Draw

By Stephanie Lewark
Steve Dykes – USA TODAY Sports

NCAA Basketball Brackets during March Madness are nothing more than a game of chance mixed with a lot of blind luck as most of you may be aware.  College basketball and college sports, in general, seem to have a high rate of improbability (higher than any other sport or league).  This gives it an element of fun and surprise, which is probably one reason it is so popular among fans.  Regardless of your method for filling out the brackets, whether it be philosophical or by “eenie meenie,” we all have the same luck of the draw in winning.  Despite what many “experts” say, there is no real science to it.

This is the first year that I’ve actually taken part in filling out a bracket doing it just for fun.  Let’s take for instance, #14 Harvard Crimson upsetting #3 New Mexico Lobos last night by a score of 68-62.  I was one of the lucky few who chose the Crimson over the Lobos and I know what many of you are thinking because it’s what many of my family and friends already said to me, “who chooses a #14 over a #3 team?”  That would be me and here was my improbable mode of thinking: “#3 or not, who has ever heard of New Mexico?”  Unless you’re a big college basketball fan, which I am not, I can bet you’ve never heard of them either.

So I guess my technique for filling out my bracket was semi-rank while throwing in a dash of school familiarity, but I had the same chance of that happening as I did losing.  No matter how much time and effort you put into completing a bracket, despite stats, the probability either team can win will always be a 50-50 chance.  However, I highly doubt I’m telling you anything you haven’t already thought about especially those who chose New Mexico.

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