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2013 NCAA Tournament Round Two Recap: Looking at the Top 15 Teams That Impacted the Bracket

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2013 NCAA Tournament Round Two: Looking at 15 Teams That Made or Broke Brackets

Howard Smith/USA Today Sports

The second round of the 2013 NCAA Tournament certainly didn’t disappoint basketball fans as there were two days of exciting finishes and crazy upsets that left brackets in excellent shape or completely busted heading into the weekend.

One of the best parts about March Madness is the number of upsets that take place considering how some of the most unexpected underdogs find ways to defeat some of the best teams in the country. From Harvard’s win over

New Mexico


Florida Gulf Coast

shocking the college basketball world with the big upset over Georgetown, this year’s tournament has already been filled with plenty of excitement.

What’s even more exciting—things are just getting started.

If the first two rounds are any indication of what’s to come, the third round of this year’s tournament is sure to be filled with plenty of excitement and it will be interesting to see which teams have what it takes to advance to the Sweet 16. There’s plenty of great games to look forward to this weekend, but first—here’s a look at the top 15 teams that helped make or break brackets so far this tournament.

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Colorado Fails to Live Up to Hype

Jim Cowsert/USA Today Sports

What happened to Colorado being a team to keep an eye on? First, they rallied from being down 16 at halftime—only to fail to show up at the end of the game? This was a game the Buffaloes could have easily won and instead of advancing to the third round for a matchup against Miami—they’ll be watching the rest of the tournament from home.

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Notre Dame Gets Crushed By Iowa State

Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports

Notre Dame was one of the most difficult teams to figure out heading into the tournament considering how inconsistent they were all season and unfortunately—they had no chance against Iowa State. It’s hard to believe this was the same Fighting Irish team that managed to take down Louisville in five overtimes back in February and what’s even more disappointing is the fans who thought this team was capable of reaching the Sweet 16 this season. /p>

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Davidson Misses Out on Becoming Potential Cinderella

Jamie Rhodes/USA Today Sports

Davidson was a popular pick for an upset, but the Wildcats missed out on their chance to be one of this year’s Cinderella teams after allowing Marquette to overcome an eight-point deficit in the final two minutes of the game. There’s no reason why Davidson should have lost this game and they made an impact on plenty of brackets that didn’t have much faith in Marquette.

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St. Mary's Fails to Pull Off Upset Against Memphis

Rick Osentoski/USA Today Sports

St. Mary’s always seems to be a popular upset pick and going against a team like Memphis had temptation written all over this matchup when it came to filling out brackets. Unfortunately for the Gaels, Matthew Dellavedova missed out on his chance to be in this year’s “One Shining Moment” video after missing what would have been the game winning three-point shot at the end.

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Gonzaga Escapes Major Scare

Steve Dykes/USA Today Sports

Normally, a No. 1 seed wouldn’t make a list like this, but Gonzaga gave fans a big scare in Round Two with the way they struggled against Southern. For a team that believed they were worthy of being the top overall seed in this year’s tournament, the Bulldogs gave plenty of people a scare considering how many brackets have them in the Final Four.

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Belmont Disappoints as One of the Favorite Upset Picks

Steve Dykes

Just like Davidson, Belmont was considered one of the favorites to pick as an upset in this year’s tournament, but they sure looked like they didn’t belong against Arizona. The Wildcats were in control of this game from the start and never looked back—ruining any chance of the Bruins becoming a Cinderella team this tournament. /p>

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Kansas Barely Holds On As No. 1 Seed

Denny Medley/USA Today Sports

Kansas For some reason, Kansas always seems to give fans a scare in the tournament and that was the case once again on Friday against Western Kentucky. Luckily, the Jayhawks managed to overcome trailing at halftime to hold on for the seven-point win for a third-round matchup against North Carolina. /p>

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As Expected, Minnesota Upsets UCLA

Jim Cowsert/USA Today Sports

Minnesota Not many No. 11 seeds enter their first game of the tournament as favorites, but that was exactly the case for Minnesota against UCLA. This team looked dangerous and it should be interesting to see how they matchup against Florida.

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UNLV Disappoints Against California

Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

UNLV looked like a team that didn’t even belong in the tournament as they shot just 32 percent from the field against California. The 5-12 game is always tempting to pick when it comes to upset, but the Rebels were expected to make a run for the Sweet 16 in most brackets.

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So Much For Wisconsin's Sweet 16 Run

Denny Medley/USA Today Sports

After reaching the Big Ten Conference Tournament Championship, Wisconsin had high expectations entering the tournament. Unfortunately, the Badgers displayed a poor shooting performance against

Ole Miss

—which hurts considering they were a popular pick to reach the Sweet 16.

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Ole Miss Pulls Off Upset Thanks to Marshall Henderson

Joshua Lindsey/USA Today Sports

Marshall Henderson of Ole Miss has always been a player known for playing well in the second half of games and that was exactly the case on Friday against Wisconsin. After starting off the game 1 of 13, Henderson played a key role in helping the Rebels rally and pull off the big upset by finishing the game with 19 points.

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Oregon May Be Most Dangerous No. 12 Seed

Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

The Oregon Ducks were looking for respect heading into the tournament after receiving a No. 12 seed and now they look like one of the most dangerous teams following Thursday’s win over Oklahoma State. Keep an eye on this team against St. Louis as they may be capable of becoming a Cinderella team this year.

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Harvard Spoils Brackets With Win Over New Mexico

Steve Dykes/USA Today Sports

So much for New Mexico making a strong run at the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 as they struggled to take control of Thursday’s game against Harvard. For a program that had to overcome plenty of controversy over the last few years, give the Crimson credit for what may go down as the school’s biggest win of all time in sports.

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La Salle Holds On Against Kansas State

Peter G. Aiken/USA Today Sports

Not many people expected La Salle to matchup well with Kansas State and despite blowing an 18-point halftime lead, give the Explorers credit for holding on for the two-point win. This game may go down as one of the biggest bracket busters considering nobody really gave La Salle much of a chance in this one.

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Florida Gulf Coast Pulls Off Biggest Upset of Tournament

Howard Smith/USA Today Sports

In what will most likely go down as the biggest upset of this year’s tournament, the No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast shocked the college basketball world with a major upset over No. 2 Georgetown. Talk about your bracket busters considering how Georgetown was considered one of the favorites to win the tournament this year.