Ole Miss Guard Marshall Henderson is Must-See TV During 2013 NCAA Tournament

By Patrick Schmidt
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss guard Marshal Henderson is outspoken, arrogant and blunt, but that’s everything that college basketball and the 2013 NCAA Tournament need right now.

Henderson is the most polarizing figure in college basketball since I can remember, and the only athlete that I think comes close is Tim Tebow. You either love his antics or you react to it with such vitriol and anger as if he came to your house and kicked your dog. In a league deprived of stars and must-see attractions, Henderson is both.

That’s exactly why I hope he sticks around in the tournament as long as possible. CBS does as well, because he’s ratings gold. Everyone wants to see what Henderson will do next. After a season where he ran the gamut from doing the “gator chomp” in the win over Florida in the SEC championship game to taunting Auburn fans after hitting two game-clinching free throws, he isn’t afraid to rile up the opposition.

He also isn’t afraid to jack up shots as he did in the win over Wisconsin Friday afternoon, when he was 1-11 in the first half for only two points. That said, he finished with 17 points in the second half and his 3-pointer with minutes remaining swung the momentum in favor of the Rebels. Henderson even outscored the Badgers in the final 11:35 as his 17 points were seven more than the No. 5 seed Badgers.

He is becoming quite the cult hero for Ole Miss fans who are eating up everything Henderson does and says, and can you blame them after he led the team to the school’s first tourney win in 12 years? “Marshall Madness” meets No. 11 see LaSalle on Sunday and after D.J. Peterson flashed the Rebels landshark sign after their win, I have a feeling Henderson will have a response and it won’t be subtle.

Love him or hate him, I can’t wait to see what Henderson does next.

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