Ole Miss Rebels: Marshall Henderson Surprises No One With Post-Game Celebration

By Jeff Everette
Marshall Henderson-Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament has been hijacked by one of the most infuriating — and most entertaining — characters to ever hit the hardwood, and Marshall Henderson is loving every minute of it.

Watching his antics at the post-game conference following Marshall’s Ole Miss Rebels upset of Wisconsin made one wonder if he had started drinking in the locker room after the game. No one should be surprised by the photos of him drinking later in the day.

Yet, one of the hottest topics in sports this weekend has been the charismatic shooting guard and his choice to go drinking after his gutsy performance on Friday morning.

It is no surprise. Much like college football’s Johnny Manziel, Henderson is enjoying the moments of his life and it drives people crazy. He is living the way he wants to, and pay no attention to the public relations side of things, just like Manziel. It is one of the characteristics that draw people to them. It is also the exact behavior that fuels the fires set by their detractors.

In today’s society, most people are carrying a camera with them wherever they are. They are also able to share the photos with the world in the instant they are taken. It leads to catching athletes in the more candid moments of their lives, and the reality TV, gossip rag mentality of the last decade has the masses begging for more.

Watching Henderson introduce the nation to “Marshall Mania” is highly entertaining. It is also a bit worrisome in a Lindsay Lohan-esquepublicized-train-wreck sort of way.

Either way, it is the kid’s life and he only has one of them to live. If this is what he is all about, then simply buckle in and get ready for the ride. You may as well, because no matter which side of the fence you are on with the young basketball star, you are going to be watching — and Marshall Henderson knows it.


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