2013 NCAA Tournament Player Profile: Miami's Reggie Johnson Will Eat Your Soul

By Joseph Nardone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t care how diehard of a college basketball fan you are, nobody saw the meteoric rise of the Miami Hurricanes coming. Sure, many people felt that Jim Larranaga would eventually make this team something, yet, no one thought that something would be winning the ACC regular season and conference titles. Still, even with all the new found attention, Miami only has a few things that the casual fans know about.

Whether it is Uncle Jim, Shane Larkin or the fact that they do the Wojo slap better than the Duke Blue Devils — people need to know more about Miami. Mainly, the soul eating abilities of center, Reggie Johnson.

No, Johnson does not literally eat opposing players’ souls. Not only would that be unrealistic, but word on the street is that Johnson is on a diet (souls happen to be high in fat content). Johnson is a near 300 pound, 6’10” destroyer of worlds.  He also averages seven points, seven rebounds and 14 souls eaten per game.

While Larkin and Miami as a team get much of the media attention (deservedly so), Johnson’s ability underneath has not gotten the credit it has deserves. Without the soul-eater, Miami would be a team full of too-likable types of players. Many want to credit Larkin with the return of swag to The U, but Johnson might be the catalyst in all things awesome in Miami.

Johnson’s story is more than just eating another person’s soul, it is about a man who had to deal with weight issues and more to be an integral part of this team.  All of this has helped add to the already awesome persona of Johnson, whether it is real or just a facade.

Great thing about eating a soul-eater this time of the year — it replaces meat very easily on Fridays.


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