2013 NCAA Tournament Player Profile: Temple Owls Guard Khalif Wyatt

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament has been pretty up and down so far. Many games have turned into complete blowouts while others have gone to the very last second of the game. Some of college basketball’s biggest teams have gone to to the wayside and some new teams have emerged. A few players have done well in the spotlight the tournament brings and a few others have faded away.

Temple Owls guard Khalif Wyatt is hoping to have his new-found attention last a little bit longer by upsetting the Indiana Hoosiers.

Wyatt quickly thrust himself into the limelight after a 31-point scoring outburst in Temple’s opening round game. The senior was the catalyst in helping an Owls team be put in the position of only needing one more win to make the Sweet Sixteen. His 31 points were not an abnormality either, as he averages over 20 points per game on the season. In fact, that was Wyatt’s second 30-point outing in just three appearances.

Temple is going to need more of the same if they want to upset the Hoosiers later today. Indiana will likely try to figure out what defensive strategy works best to slow down the Owls’ bucket-making superhero. It could be as simple as Tom Crean deciding to put Victor Oladipo in a one-on-one match-up against Wyatt, which will result in some of the funnest defense vs. offense match-ups you will see in the entire tournament.

The Owls are heading into the game as a heavy underdog, although none of that seems to matter this time of the year. Temple is going to rely heavily on the offensive abilities of Wyatt and if they are lucky, Crean will decide to put Oladipo on him. No, not because the Owls are a glutton for punishment, but because Oladipo might tire himself out trying to stop Wyatt.

If you are a fan of buckets vs. defense, I highly suggest you have your picture-box turned to CBS for this afternoon’s game.


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