Hating Ole Miss Rebels Guard Marshall Henderson is to Hate Life

By Joseph Nardone
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

As the college basketball season got long in the tooth, many people started to complain about the quality of play going on. Then, because folks love to complain, more people started to say college hoops has become less entertaining than it has in the past.

Thankfully, the birth of Marshall Henderson happened at the right time so he would be here now to save us.

Those people who complained about the lack of whatever it was they were looking for in the sport are the same people down on the Ole Miss Rebels guard. Despite being a fairly above-average player and adding many exciting moments throughout the season, those people deemed Henderson’s act as horrible and not in good taste.

It’s strange that those fine people would want to have their cake and eat it too. Henderson has become the epitome of excitement and is must-see TV in the NCAA Tournament. In fact, Henderson is one of the very few name stars in college basketball and he is the only one who has his personality beam through your picture-box.

Henderson has been known to pop his jersey, throw ice cubes at his own fans, do a gator chomp and countless other things that have made every game he has ever been apart of more entertaining. Still, people continue to bash him for going out the night after a big win for some adult-beverages — as if that were a crime, or like we have not all gone out for some drinks to celebrate something we have accomplished.

I guess it really comes down to what kind of person you are. You might happen to be a person who wants to be entertained. A guy or gal who wants to have fun and doesn’t deem something different as inappropriate. These group of people are what we like to call Henderson fans.

There is a second group, however, one who wants to poo-poo on everything that does not fit their narrative of what should be what. These folks, the same complaining about boring hoops mind you, don’t like Henderson because he is too much of a showman. They feel his antics are unnecessary and unwarranted. That Henderson may in fact be, the Antichrist.

Then, there is a third group of folk who are the scum of the scum, trolls. These people liked Henderson when no one else did. No, not because they thought he was awesome, but because it was the opposite of mainstream thinking. However, as soon as Henderson became popular, these people turned on the volume-shooter quicker than they can type gasbag.

The troll is a weird species that was too happy to bash Henderson when news of his troubled past broke. Henderson can’t win with these people as nobody can please a troll.

College basketball, especially this time of the year, is meant to be fun and entertaining. Regardless of which side you fall on with the Henderson talk, he does more in the way to make you watch the game than not.

If you hate him, you will be turning on the TV and rooting for him to fail — hoping, no matter the team he is playing, that the opposing team can shush that man’s mouth. If you love him, you have already decided to take the good with the bad and are okay with him taking 4095 jumpers — as long as it results in some Henderson hilarity at the end.

If you don’t like Henderson, chances are you don’t like many things about life. You see the glass as half empty, you think the landing on the moon was fake and you probably don’t like ice cream.

Marshall Henderson was put on this Earth for our entertainment. Love him or hate him, Henderson makes you want to see what he does next.

So I ask you — are you not entertained?


Joe is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports. Follow him @JosephNardone

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