Roy Williams Faces His Old School, Kansas, For the Third Time

By Anthony Lenahan
Brendan Maloney-USA Today Sports

Roy Williams gets to face the school he left coaching for the third time since becoming the North Carolina Tar Heels head coach.  He has yet to defeat his former team, but the third time looks to be his charm today as Coach Williams looks to be heading back to the Sweet 16.

At both North Carolina and Kansas, Roy has had a great deal of success on the court, and the two programs are similar when it comes to tradition.  Winning and a great fan base are two common traits for two historic programs that Coach Williams had gotten to lead year after year in his coaching career.

Coach Williams expressed his love for his former school in his press conference on Saturday.

It has been nine years since he was going through his Jayhawk traditions as a Coach of Kansas, but they were some of the greatest memories of his life and as a coach.

Kansas is the most history rich program in college basketball.  It is home to both James Naismith (The Founder of Basketball) and Phog Allen, one of the greatest coaches of all time.  Roy Williams paid great tribute to these guys while coaching the Jayhawks.

Every single game day at Kansas, Coach Williams would have the same routine and it went a little like this.  “I went up to the graves in the cemetery and patted the tombstones of Dr. Naismith and Dr. Allen. I would always ask them for intervention. Now, I don’t know if they gave me any, but it always made me feel better.”  Williams explained his gamedays at Kansas with those words in a press conference.

It is clear Williams loves Kansas and how great of a program they are, but he loves his alma mater even more and that is why he accepted the coaching job at North Carolina.  Williams now looks to defeat the program he left after he loved it so much, for the first time today.

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