2013 NCAA Tournament: Florida Gulf Coast's Sherwood Brown has Awesome Charm

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball is supposed to be fun. It is just a game after all, and nobody seems to be having more fun than the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. For a program that no one knew existed a week ago, we have learned a ton of things about a team whose players look like a movie cast that was molded for a late 1980s film (I am waiting for a young Robert Downey Jr. to do recreational drugs on their bench).

The team has a slew of players whose hairstyles are only rivaled by their fun-loving personalities. There is the time the guy did some form of chicken dance on the bench, the smiles after each lob and of course, the awesome antics that have come from Sherwood Brown.

Brown is not the the sheriff of Nottingham, although he would fit right in with a cast of fictional characters. The senior averages over 15 points per game, but does so with a smile more reminiscent of a child on Christmas morning rather than a player in an intense game. In FGCU’s short run in the NCAA Tournament, Brown has done everything a person would want to do in the big dance (sans partying with Downey).

Whether it has been celebrating with cheerleaders, shaking hands with media members during a game, sticking his tongue out after every single basket or giving some monumental speeches — Sherwood is your main-man for all things college basketball entertainment.

FGCU’s run has been as fun as it has been improbable. There is not a single bad thing anyone can say about this team’s personality. It is just a bunch of kids, coached by a guy who married way up, who happens to have a slew of great personalities all while playing a fun brand of basketball.

I no longer have a dog in the NCAA Tournament race, but I do know what team I will be unreasonably rooting for the rest of the way. I just hope they don’t field any phone calls from Iron Man.


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