2013 NCAA Tournament: Jamaal Franklin Shows Good Sportsmanship Following Loss to Florida Gulf Coast

By Paul Seaver
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Jamaal Franklin and San Diego State were chasing the same dream that Florida Gulf Coast was on Sunday evening.

The Aztecs, the No. 7 seed in the South Region, were upset by the 15th seeded Eagles who continue to take the bracket and nation by storm in becoming the first No. 15 seed to advance to the Sweet 16.

Franklin had a monster game on Sunday, scoring 20 points on 8-of-13 shooting while also grabbing 11 rebounds. Despite his efforts, the Aztecs are headed home, but Franklin made his mark felt on the court after the final buzzer sounded.

Franklin was seen on the national televised broadcast speaking directly with the Eagles’ leading scorer, Sherwood Brown. Franklin was being animated in his words, clearly giving Brown some additional advice moving forward. It was a tremendous act of sportsmanship from the junior star.

When Brown was asked about the situation, he explained, “Jamaal is a great player and he just told us that we did a great job and he was just saying to keep this thing going, we’re doing something special, and he just wants us to keep it moving, don’t stop now.”

Bernard Thompson simply added, “Dunk city is coming to Arlington, so everybody be ready.”

Even though Franklin’s season came to a close at the hands of a 15 seed, his show of respect for what they have accomplished did not go unnoticed. Props to Franklin for that act of sportsmanship.

Take a look at the moment here (courtesy of Yahoo! Sports).


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