2013 NCAA Tournament Player Profile: Arizona Wildcats Guard Mark Lyons

By Joseph Nardone
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

It is becoming a horrible reoccurring theme. “Experts” are whining about the lack of stories, stars and quality of play in the NCAA Tournament. Considering they are wrong, maybe these people just need to be little more enlightened. One prime example of a star, with a storyline, who has also had great quality of play is Arizona Wildcats guard, Mark Lyons.

Lyons is bringing everything you would want to the table in the big dance. He is currently helping an under appreciated Arizona squad make some noise by taking them to the Sweet Sixteen. Zona’s run has been mostly due to the senior’s ability to put the ball in the basket. So far in the tournament, Lyons is averaging 25 points per game while making a ridiculously awesome 22 of the 32 shots he has attempted.

The Wildcats are set to play the Ohio State Buckeyes in a battle for a spot in the Elite Eight. Amazingly to those “experts” from before, this game will feature a chalk-full of good players, a few good storylines and some of the biggest stars in the big dance.

For Arizona to have a chance Lyons will likely have to go bonkers, again. Ohio State is as strong as any team left in the NCAA Tournament. They too feature a college basketball star in Aaron Craft. This game could essentially come down to which basket-maker has a better game.

Luckily for the Wildcats, there might not be a hotter or more efficient shooter in the nation than Lyons right now. Maybe with one more win, Arizona and Lyons will get the proper respect that they deserve.


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