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2013 NCAA Tournament Player Profile: Louisville Cardinals Guard Russ Smith

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Many people are claiming that storylines for the NCAA Tournament have been at a premium. Outside of the fact that those people are not college basketball guys, they also happen to be dead wrong. Even with plenty of stories like Marshall Henderson, MWC relevancy and more now eliminated, there is still a slew of awesome things going on.

Heck, the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles alone make for an intriguing plot. But folks love superstars, so luckily for them a few still remain. One of them is Louisville Cardinals guard Russ Smith.

Smith has been on the radar all season long. It started innocent enough as Rick Pitino named his horse Russdiculous after his star guard. The name was born out of Smith’s ability to think that shooting a shot from 11 states over is a solid idea. The nickname took off and Smith became a star in a fairly starless league.

The season saw some up and downs for Smith. However, his highs were so awesome that denying him the tag of a star player was a moot point. More so, Smith is the same kind of must-see TV that Henderson brought to the table. While Smith does not have the on-court demeanor or shenanigans that Henderson brought, his quick trigger and volume-shooting makes the two comparable.

So far in the NCAA Tournament, Smith is averaging an amazing 25 points per game. Considering all the complaining about the lack of stars and quality of play, you would think Smith would start getting some more national buzz.

Russdiculous has everything you could ask for in the NCAA Tournament. He has an awesome nickname that has an even better back story, he tends to heat-check from all over the planet and most importantly, he is very good.

Start paying attention to the great things in the big dance and stop complaining about the few bad things. Smith is one of those great things.


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