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2013 NCAA Tournament: Wichita State Shockers Overshadowed by Tim Tebow

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

I will never understand the need of some people who always have to interject football into other sports’ storylines. It is as if football lovers cannot comprehend that the sporting world does not revolve exclusively around their beloved sport, but those other sports can actually thrive in areas the NFL can’t. It sounds like lunacy to a football fan, but the NFL has yet to reach the global masses such as hoops.

That brings us to Tim Tebow. Yes, the Tebow who is the most polarizing football player in the country. Honestly, I actually like Tebow and have rooted for his success in the past. This has less to do with him and more with the people who would rather rely on him for a story rather than give the Wichita State Shockers the shine they deserve.

So Tebow gave the Shockers a speech because of a happenstance meeting — awesome. That should be it, nothing more. While I am sure it was a nice moment for the Wichita State players, a Tebow pep-talk does not improve or hurt their chances to continue winning.

Somehow, through bologna filled thinking, people are quick to thrust the back-up QB into the Shockers’ plot — as if it wasn’t already enough being on the verge of an Elite Eight appearance.

Instead of you, the media, or myself breaking down all things Shockers-related, we have reduced ourselves into adding more football in a basketball tournament. For football people, it is the obsessive and misguided need to think people only want football and that relating the NCAA Tournament to the Super Bowl is the only way people will understand the big dance.

Because you know, being the second to third most popular sporting event in the country isn’t apparently enough to stand on its own without bringing football into the equation.

I am not lost in the hypocrisy of me writing a Tebow-college basketball article, but let us start giving basketball its proper due. Next time you see a basketball article laced with more unnecessary football rhetoric, just move on.

In fact, we should start right now.


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