Florida Gulf Coast Eagles: City of Fort Meyers Changes Location to #DunkCity, Florida

By Paul Seaver
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

There are a number of cool and interesting stories surrounding the Florida Gulf Coast men’s basketball team.

For starters, they just became the first No. 15 seed to qualify for the Sweet 16 in the history of the NCAA Tournament. With the on-the-court success has come to the off-the-court stories. This includes a newly released “Dunk City” rap video.

Well, not only have many college basketball fans got behind the success of the Eagles, but so too has the city of Fort Meyers, Florida, where they university is conveniently located. You may have noticed some of the photos circulating around from the Florida Gulf Coast campus, showing the “vacation-like” area where the university is located.

Well, the city of Fort Meyers made an interesting change to their website on Monday morning, effectively changing their location to #DunkCity, Florida.

Check out the website for yourself.


It does not get much better than that. Florida Gulf Coast is one the biggest Cinderella stories of all-time and the city that holds the FGCU campus has now entitled themselves as #DunkCity.

The phrase “Dunk City” started to mold itself following the Eagles’ Friday night victory over No. 2 Georgetown. It then continued on Sunday in their upset of No. 7 San Diego State. A number of routine highlight reel throw downs and alley-oops have garnered up the attention that relates so well to the “swag” that this Florida Gulf Coast team plays with.

The Eagles will take on No. 3 Florida on Friday night from Arlington, Texas.


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