Tim Tebow's Shocks Wichita State Shockers with a Lucky Meeting

By Ben Grimaldi
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

If you were one of the people wondering what New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has been doing, besides trying to figure out where he’ll play football next season, you should know he’s up to his old tricks. Tebow’s been inspiring people again, this time it’s the Wichita St. Shockers basketball team.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to all the madness of the NCAA Tournament, the Shockers pulled off a couple upsets to reach the Sweet 16. On Saturday night they beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the number one ranked team in the nation, and then they got an even bigger surprise.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Tebow’s plane stopped in Wichita to refuel and he just happened to run into the Shockers team bus. Tebow congratulated the team on their recent success and, of course, gave them an inspirational pep talk.

“This you will remember for the rest of your lives,” Tebow told them. “You will never forget it, guys. These are the special times of your lives, regardless of what you do in the future. So, I just want to say congrats. You are an inspiration to so many people.”

What Tebow did is nothing new since he’s been known to inspire many people in all walks of life. Whether it’s on the football field, in church or on a team bus for a college basketball team, Tebow is always there with words of wisdom. And I’m sure Tebow’s speech had some effect on the Wichita St. players, just like he does everyone else (except maybe John Elway and the Jets organization).

It’s amazing how positive of a person Tim Tebow can be, especially now since he seems to be in the worst place of his professional career. He is one of those rare athletes that people shouldn’t be afraid to look up to because he always seems to make the right decision.

If the Shockers go on to win a few more games in the tournament people might start asking who should we give the credit to, Tebow or the players?

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