2013 NCAA Tournament: Florida Gulf Coast Coach Andy Enfield Gives Hope to Us All

By Joseph Nardone
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes being awesome isn’t about looking like James Dean or flaunting around cash like you are a regular rainmaker at a local gentlemen’s club. For those talented and more importantly lucky enough, life works out better than anyone could have planned it. For Florida Gulf Coast Eagles coach Andy Enfield, well, let us just say that the gap-toothed millionaire has done a little bit of everything.

It is pretty well-known by now that Enfield married way-up. Amanda Marcum has appeared in numerous magazines, been the fantasy for plenty of pubescent boys and calls Enfield her husband. Wait, what? Yes, lady Marcum decided that marrying Enfield is a win, for her. This isn’t a case of a supermodel going after a guy for fame, as Enfield’s fame is younger than the toilet paper in your bathroom. She married him for love.

Did I forget to mention that Enfield is a millionaire? Good, because that is another part of his story that is going widely unnoticed. Enfield got his money by being the VP and buying stock in a company called TractManager. Enfield got the stock early enough in the development in the company that it is now worth more than a basketball coach at a commuter school could ever dream of making.

Looking at Enfield, one would never think he was a millionaire who scored a supermodel, but that’s exactly who he is and what he has done. Enfield does not take himself too seriously nor does he over-coach his team–as his team plays with the same fluid, fun-loving style that he seems to live his life like. Enfield and FGCU seem like one in the same.

Not only should we have learned to never judge a book by its cover by now, but we should have also figured out that it is the smart guys who get all the money, college coaching gigs and supermodel wives.

I knew I should have paid attention during trigonometry more.


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