2013 NCAA Tournament: Marshall Henderson Flips Off Crowd Following Loss to LaSalle (Video)

By Paul Seaver
Don McPeak-USA Today Sports

Video surfaced on Monday night of Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson and his latest unexpected antic.

Rumors began swirling following the Rebels’ loss to LaSalle on Sunday that Henderson was seen kicking a trash can and flipping off the crowd on his way to the locker room.

Well, the video pretty much confirms everything that happened.

Watch the clip below:

Henderson has widely been considered the most polarizing player in college basketball, bursting onto the scene this season after leading the SEC in scoring. Henderson led the Rebels to their first NCAA Tournament victory since 2001 back on Friday, but the Ole Miss junior has become a distraction on numerous occasions, whether that’s for better or wose.

It’s basically a love him or hate him situation, but one thing has became pretty apparent. It has just become a matter of, “what will Henderson do next?”

Here’s the reason to why Henderson flipped off the crowd on Sunday evening:

The situation just quickly became the latest of Henderson’s antics, whether he was provoked or not. Henderson is seen in the video being virtually covered up by what appears to be an assistant coach just as he flips the bird to the crowd and enters the tunnel.

Well, while Henderson and the Rebels’ run is over, we do get another year of him, considering nothing happens between now and then. Good luck to the Ole Miss staff in making sure that happens.


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