2013 NCAA Tournament Keys for Upset: Arizona Wildcats

By Joseph Nardone
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the road traveled in the NCAA Tournament is paved in cupcakes. The Arizona Wildcats might have made it to the Sweet 16 thanks to some relevantly easy competition, but the road to the Elite Eight is going to much bumpier as Arizona is set to face the Ohio State Buckeyes. Arizona will be hoping that their confidence gained through their first couple outings will be enough to upset the Buckeyes.

Hot-hand needs to Continue

Mark Lyons is having an outstanding NCAA Tournament so far. The senior is averaging 25 points per game while shooting an otherworldly .64 percent from the field. Arizona will need to continue to ride their horse (Lyons) until it needs to be put down.

Make a Mountain out of a Solomon Mole Hill

Horrible pun aside, Solomon Hill needs to continue to assert himself on the glass. The senior might not be known as a rebounding-monster but whenever he has been working the boards, the Wildcats have been successful. It wouldn’t hurt Arizona’s chances if he were to add roughly 15 points either.

Don’t by into the Aaron Craft Myth

Craft is a fine basketball player. So don’t get me wrong, but he isn’t exactly a world-class athlete or a basket-making extraordinaire either. Arizona should not buy into the myth that Ohio State is Craft’s team. The Buckeyes have a slew of other talent that deserve their attention and focusing primarily on Craft could be detrimental to their chances of victory.

1-100 Upset Chance

37 — the arbitrary number came about by combining the right formula of mathematics and magic. In all reality, Lyons will have to drop 37 if Arizona wants to upset Ohio State.


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