2013 NCAA Tournament Keys for Upset: Marquette Golden Eagles

By Joseph Nardone
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

During the Sweet 16 portion of the NCAA Tournament there a very few true upsets that could possibly happen. But thanks to NCAA Tournament seeding, it is considered an upset when a three seed defeats a two. That is where the Marquette Golden Eagles currently find themselves. Marquette is heading into their game against the two seeded Miami Hurricanes as a three. Which at the end of the day means, the Golden Eagles are the underdog.

Vander Blue being Vander Awesome

Is there still people out there who dislike Blue? The junior has been doing all kinds of awesome things in the tourney so far. Really, it was his previous 29 point performance that started to turn heads towards his direction. Blue has always had undeniable talent, but many felt he never lived up to his hype coming out of high school. Not only will the Golden Eagles need another scoring outburst out of Blue, but will also need him to play strong defensively.

Davante Gardner Needs to Rebound, a lot.

News broke recently that Reggie “Soul-eater” Johnson will not be playing in the game. Meaning, Marquette needs to take advantage of his absence and abuse the offensive glass as if it were their red-headed stepchild. Even more so, Gardner needs to become more of a rebounding threat. The junior has always been a steady player on both ends, but has never been a dominant force clearing the glass. Gardner needs to not only limit Miami’s second chance buckets, but help Marquette get some of their own.

Buzz Williams needs to get His Groove on.

Well, not really. But a Williams’ dance is always awesome.

1-100 Scale of Upset Happening

88- No Johnson for Miami. Marquette is probably as good anyway. I honestly don’t feel they are the underdog and look at the two teams as more as equals.


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