2013 NCAA Tournament Keys for Upset: Michigan Wolverines

By Joseph Nardone
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Traditional powers meeting in the Sweet 16 is always a welcome sight. As if the NCAA Tournament is not already fascinating enough, the Michigan Wolverines are going to face the Kansas Jayhawks on Friday. While the Wolverines don’t have the all-time level of prestige as Kansas, this game still has the feel of two world-beaters squaring-off in the middle of a boxing ring for a heavyweight title fight.

Which Son of the NBA Steps Up?

I oftentimes joke about Michigan breeding their players. Not only do they have a slew of former NBA players’ sons on the roster, but they happen to be very good. It is like they called some NBA players two decades ago and asked if they wanted to have an awesome college basketball team comprised of players from their loins. Apparently they said yes, as Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glen Robinson III are big-time players on the roster. At least one of them will have to do their best “daddy” impression if Michigan wants to advance.

A non-NBA Genetic Clone

Even with having all of the genes that the NBA has provided, Michigan’s best player is Trey Burke. It should go without saying that Burke needs to outclass Kansas’ Ben McLemore on the court. Considering Burke is far more consistent than McLemore, it should not come as a surprise if Burke ends up clowning the freshman for large portions of the game.

Be Effeceint

No really, Michigan needs to balance playing in the moment and being selective with their shots. Both teams can score in bunches, but if one of them goes cold the other can go on a run and put a large gap between the two.

1-100 Upset Chance

67- Kansas is really, really good. I wouldn’t be stunned to the point of silence if Michigan won, but it would be a small-upset.


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