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Syracuse Orange Coach Jim Boeheim Shoots Down Retirement Rumor, Kind Of

The NCAA Tournament is not nicknamed March Madness for the games alone. It is during this time of year that many coaches lose their job, kids declare early entry into the pros and rumors start to swirl around some of college basketball’s elder statesmen. Not even Syracuse Orange coach Jim Boeheim can escape the madness that occurs during this time of the year.

Some of it was his own doing and some of it is not, but either way you look at it, people started to talk about whether the crotchety, yet lovable Boeheim would call it a career at the end of the season. It is not too hard to fathom a man hanging up the coaching whistle when he is 68 years old.

These rumors, however, happens to be about a guy who has been involved with the game of basketball before most of us were even born.

Boeheim was not oblivious to these speculations and commented on them to, “There is no process. I’m coachin’ next year, I kid around a little bit and everybody gets crazy when I do so I’m not going to kid around about it anymore, I’m coaching next year, thrilled, got a great challenge, looking forward to it.”

Seems like he is absolutely positive that he is coming back next year. Those are some pretty definitive statements from Boeheim. It leaves very little wiggle room for someone to misinterpret those statements and turn it into more retirement talk. Boeheim clearly wanted to end the retirement talks as the NCAA Tournament got longer in the tooth.

Or did he? “About September if I don’t want to coach, I won’t coach,” Boeheim also said.

That is our uncle Jim. He is playing with the strings of our hearts as if they were violins. Boeheim went out of his way to shut down the rumors and closes his speech with a gaping loophole for his previous comments.

March would not be so mad if it were not for the tomfoolery of America’s favorite grouch.


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