2013 NCAA Tournament: Florida Gators Playing Role of Evil Villains

By Joseph Nardone
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I never thought I would say this, but the Florida Gators do have a small ounce of empathy coming from my direction. The Gators can’t win against the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles tonight–they can only lose. Even if they score more points through two periods, meaning they technically won, Florida still will have lost.

Everyone wants #DunkCity to continue. It would be almost un-American to root against the country’s favorite commuter school. The Eagles have provided us with endless highlights, tremendous stories and a pep rally where the F-bomb was dropped. All the Gators have provided us was a UPS commercial starring Billy Donovan. A commercial that shows the worst side of coaches. The side of them trying to be charming through a script (Donovan is much more charismatic than the ad makes you think).

So the Gators head into their match-up as the villains. A team whose primary goal is to ruin the NCAA Tournament. Florida didn’t ask to be the evil-doers, but this is where they are. Without having a single, real diabolical ender of awesome things on their team–Florida is going to be the most hated team in the country tonight.

Don’t expect a lot of casual Gators fans in attendance. Outside of people who have always liked Florida, everyone in the world will be rooting for Cinderella. I mean, there is nothing fun about Florida when in comparison to FGCU.

I’ll tell you this much. When Donovan marries a supermodel, they provide a free-flowing form of hoops only seen at the local YMCA and has a slew of the most lovable characters this side of the Mississippi–only then will they be America’s team.

Sadly, knocking out Florida Gulf Coast won’t be doing them any favors.


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