2013 NCAA Tournament: Duke Blue Devils Guard Seth Curry Goes Bonkers in Victory

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There are very few things in life that makes a man or a woman smile without reservation. Puppies, kids who do not cry, eating a pickle or punching a homeless person in the face are just a few things that immediately come to mind. Another example is when a player in sports rises to another level and helps their team win a very important game.

The Duke Blue Devils needed a player to step up against the Michigan State Spartans. It was pretty obvious from the get-go that the Spartans were not going to allow Duke to dominate inside the paint. The Blue Devils did achieve mild success underneath, although, it was the play of Seth Curry that helped them separate from the Spartans.

Curry channeled his family name and went all Dell/Steph Curry on Michigan State. The guard, who has been playing in the shadow of his family, went for an amazing 29 points. Curry did it from everywhere. Whether it was his perfect 7-7 from the charity stripe or an efficient 8-17 from the field — Curry did more than his fair share of propelling Duke to the Elite 8.

This was likely the best game, considering what was at stake, of Curry’s career. Still, it should not have been a surprise to anyone paying attention. Curry has continued to become a better, overall player every time he steps on the hardwood. The senior has gone from the brother of a Cinderella darling and NBA star to a pretty high draft prospect himself.

Watching Curry’s evolution as a player is as much about his work ethic as it is about the way Duke goes about developing their players. Going forward now, I would expect him to continue to be a pivotal player in the Blue Devils’ quest to return to the Final Four.

This was not an abnormality, therefore, it might be the start of a new trend. One in which Curry is going to be the star for Duke the rest of the way.


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