2013 NCAA Tournament: Florida Gators' Guard Mike Rosario Reinvents Himself

By Joseph Nardone
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The term “volume-shooter” has become increasingly used as announcers’ favorite adjective while describing some players. For an example, when Marshall Henderson was the nation’s biggest story nearly every article written about him had that word in it at least once. The word itself is really just a nice way to say ball-hog, therefore, it is just another neat way to talk about a player who shoots a ton and misses a bunch.

Florida Gators guard Mike Rosario used to be a volume-shooter back in the day. Rosario started off his college basketball career with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. In two seasons with Rutgers, Rosario did his best to chuck up as many shots as humanly possible. In fact, he averaged over 15 shot attempts per game while only making 38 percent of those shots that he hurled towards the basket.

After two pretty meaningless seasons with the Scarlet Knights, Rosario took his talents to the land of UPS commercials–I mean, where Billy Donovan coaches. His first year with the program, however, was almost as meaningless as his first two in college hoops. Rosario only averaged 14 minutes a game, but did drastically improve his shooting-percentage–skyrocketing to 43 percent. It was then that Rosario knew his game needed to change.

This season saw more Rosario on the court with less shots being thrown towards the basket. Again, Rosario’s efficiency went up. This time the guard shot an outstanding 48 percent from the floor. He also was able to crack Donovan’s rotation as a regular contributor rather than a guy who just played in spurts.

Rosario only shoots 10 shots per game now, a relatively small amount compared to his days with Rutgers. He has also doubled his assists per outing and become a better overall team player. Gone are the days of volume-shooting and in its place is a player his teammates enjoy being around.

Reinventing yourself does not always work. Still, Rosario took the long, hard journey into becoming a completely different basketball player. And I think it is safe to say it has paid out in volumes.


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