Kentucky Wildcats Guard Ryan Harrow Transferring to Georgia State

By Joseph Nardone
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

In college basketball the coaches get to move from school to school with no punishment. Even if they signed a 459245 year contract extension with whatever program they are currently coaching–all they need is another university to throw out enough cash as well as pay the buyout and that coach is off for greener pastures. Oddly, a player is not met with the same easy task while transferring. Something that former Kentucky Wildcats guard Ryan Harrow is about to learn.

According to CBSSports, Harrow is about to leave John Calipari‘s program before he incorporates a slew of superhuman freshmen and head on over to the Georgia State Panthers‘ program. According to John Goodman, or really his sources, Harrow plans on applying for a waiver in which, if accepted, would let Harrow play to start next season. Harrow will cite his father’s declining health for a hardship waiver. If he were to be declined, Harrow would have to sit-out next season.

Georgia State is reportedly set to join the Sun Belt Conference for the 2013-14 season. I guess landing a player who was once considered the next dynamite Kentucky guard will do wonders for the Panthers in their new conference.

For Kentucky, the transfer of Harrow comes at no surprise. Many figured with the new talent coming in and Harrow constantly in Calipari’s doghouse, that the move was inevitable. Calipari, however, will likely not be that bothered with the move considered he has apparently recruited the greatest class in the history of the world for next season.

This is a win-win for everyone involved. Considering coaches get to move so freely, lets all hope the kid gets to play right away.


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