Louisville Cardinals: Kevin Ware's Broken Leg A Sight To Forget

By Connor Muldowney

If there’s ever a time that you want to look away from the TV during the NCAA Tournament, this was the time. It was gruesome, unpleasant and downright scary for everyone.

Sophomore guard Kevin Ware went down with one of the most gruesome leg injuries in the sport’s history during their Louisville‘s matchup with Duke in the Midwest Regional final on Sunday afternoon.

The guard was on the Louisville sideline in serious pain and every player on the floor was noticeably affected by what had just happened. The replay showed and it was evident, the sophomore guard broke his leg, and broke it badly.

Due to the obvious sensitivity issues and the graphic nature of the injury, the video of the injury has not been included in this post — said images are currently being circulated around social media, and are not difficult to find.

This is something you never want to see as it can affect everyone involved as it did today. Players were holding each other in tears. Rick Pitino was seen crying and emotional after losing one of his best young players. It was quite the sight to see, but the event itself was forgettable.

Fans cringed, coaches cried and players were devastated. It’s easy to see how close-knit the Cardinals were after this event happened as they huddled around each other and saw Ware carted off the floor into the locker, and later to the hospital in an ambulance.

The team rallied and took a halftime lead, surely not forgetting what had happened to their teammate and friend. It’s hard to see anyone rooting against a Louisville team after an incident like this. Louisville is 28-0 when leading at the half — let’s see if they can win it for Ware.

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