Although Roy Williams Will Never Be Fired, North Carolina May Lose Some Fans

By Horran Cameron
Peter Aiken-USA Today Sports

Roy Williams has made a name for himself after rebuilding the Kansas Jayhawks‘ program. He has been the head coach for the North Carolina Tar Heels for 10 seasons, and has had winning seasons for the majority of these past 10 years at Carolina. Although he has won a great deal of games, one thing for sure is that Williams will not get fired anytime soon.

This past season was a disappointing one for the North Carolina. Williams received a great deal of criticism in regards to how he distributed playing time. There were a lot of people who felt that sophomore guard/forward, P.J. Hairston should have been starting since the beginning of the season. Once he was given the opportunity to start, Hairston became “the man” for North Carolina.

In fact, he averaged close to 20 points per game when he started this past season. Give Williams credit for admitting his willingness to be stubborn. He stated that he wanted a traditional lineup with a forward and center in the low post. This was evident for the two-thirds of the season, when he started Desmond Hubert at the center position.

In addition, give Williams respect for stating how his assistant coaches discussed Hairston becoming a starter with him.

Williams can have a losing season next year and he will not be fired. However, if he continues to lose a lot of games, North Carolina will starting losing a lot of fans. Williams may be a great coach, but he needs to re-evaluate a few things prior to next season.

Fans can criticize him as much as they want, but these players are working towards building careers in basketball. The opportunities they have in college basketball will make or break whether they have the chance to pursue their dreams.

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