It Won't Be Easy, But Steve Alford Has Chance To Be Successful At UCLA

By Brian Lester
Ron Chenoy – USA TODAY Sports Images

Steve Alford has been hired to coach the UCLA Bruins, and while he seriously dissed New Mexico by taking the job, it’s his life, his decision. But if one of the most tradition-rich programs in college basketball believes Alford is the answer to restoring the glory, it might want to take a moment and keep things in perspective.

Alford is no John Wooden, even if they do both have Indiana ties, and there is no way in the world the Bruins are ever going to seven consecutive championships again. Winning one title will be challenging enough for Alford in a college basketball world filled with parity.

Alford called the decision a leap of faith, and there is no question that in a few years we could be saying the decision by Alford to go UCLA was one he should have never made. But, you can’t blame Alford for taking the job. It’s UCLA, and even if it hasn’t won a national championship since 1995, coaching the Bruins is one of the top jobs in college basketball.

Alford understands as well as anyone what comes with the territory of being the coach at a place like UCLA.

Can Alford live up to the insane expectations that Bruins fans will have with him taking the job? No way. But can he succeed at UCLA and maybe even win a national title? Of course he can.

Brian Lester is a college basketball writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @BLester1993.

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