Kevin Ware to Louisville Teammates: "Win the Game"

By Anthony Lenahan

In Sunday’s NCAA Tournament game against DukeLouisville sophomore guard Kevin Ware came down with one of the most gruesome injuries you will ever see in sports. With his bone sticking about six inches out of his knee and his teammates in tears, Ware only had one thing on his mind.

Coach, Rick Pitino said Ware just kept on screaming “win the game, win the game”.  Despite all the pain Ware was feeling and all the emotion building around him, his teammates still came before him and that tells you just how great of kid Ware is.

Ware’s injury kind of sucked the life out of the building for the next couple of minutes, but after everyone settled back in, Ware’s word wore off on his teammates. Russ Smith was among the Cardinals in tears while Ware was down, and he took the inspiration from Ware to score a team-high 23 points to continue his dominant play this season.

Win the game — that is exactly what Louisville did as they destroyed Duke by 22 points, but as much as Ware wanted his team to win, the story is really about him. He had just started to earn more playing time after he showed he can play at the college level even as a sophomore.  He had three points before injuring himself.

As much as Ware wanted his teammates to win and enjoy getting to the Final 4, it is a shame he won’t be able to play. To see a kid work so hard to get to play at a big-time school in college and then have his career most likely end before playing at the highest level in college basketball is extremely sad.

Hopefully Louisville can bring back a national championship to Ware, because he would do anything to get an opportunity to help his team win one.

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