Kevin Ware's Injury Shows Louisville Cardinals Aren't Just a Team, But a Family

By Dan Parzych

By now, just about every sports fan has seen the gruesome injury by Kevin Ware of the Louisville Cardinals that took place during Sunday’s game against the Duke Blue Devils. The injury was by far one of the most intense and brutal things to see by the human eyes as Ware’s leg just seemed to snap in a way that nobody should ever have to experience.

Some players were vomiting from the sidelines. Some players were crying just from witnessing the injury. Even Rick Pitino couldn’t help but shed tears.

And why wouldn’t they respond this way–especially since the bone managed to pop out.

Injuries take place in sports all the time, but for some reason–the injury suffered by Ware seemed different from anything sports fans have ever seen. From this writer’s perspective, it took 20 minutes of mentally preparing myself just to even have the courage to go back and watch the video on replay–because it was that difficult to see.

To see a player be carted off the court like Ware on top of dealing with the type of pain he was experiencing is something that no sports fan should have to see. Yet, somehow Ware’s injury seemed to inspire the Cardinals to take their game to a whole new level and defeat the Blue Devils to punch a ticket to the Final Four in Atlanta.

Just look at some of the photos during and after the game of members of this Louisville squad and you’ll realize it’s difficult not to choke up inside and even shed a few tears of your own. From showing off his jersey during post-game celebrations to wearing it in the locker room to even visiting him in the hospital and let him hold the trophy is perfect example of how this Louisville squad isn’t just a team, but a family.

Even if you’re a fan of a different team, it was difficult not to root for Louisville on Sunday after Ware’s injury and seeing the Cardinals come together the way they did may go down as one of the most inspirational sports stories of all time. And just when you think this story couldn’t become more emotional, you find out what was said by Ware when he was sitting there on the court in the type of pain that nobody should ever have to deal with.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m good, I’ll have my surgery tonight. Go win it for me.”

That my friends is the definition of a player who cares about his team just as much as they care about him considering his main concern was his teammates managing to come out on top against Duke so they could celebrate advancing to the Final Four. If you weren’t rooting for Louisville to win the National Championship heading into Sunday, you’re certainly rooting for them now–mainly because Ware’s tragic injury has inspired you just as much as the Cardinals on Sunday.

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