Kyle Wiltjer and Willie Cauley-Stein Returning to Kentucky Wildcats' Program

By Joseph Nardone
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats had a season to forget. Considering the program has expectations that surpass those of a drunk man visiting a gentleman’s club, it is no surprise that their fan base was less than thrilled when the team failed to make the NCAA Tournament. Even with super-freshman Nerlens Noel being lost for the year with some big games left on the docket, did not leave Kentucky with an ounce of understanding for their failings.

John Calipari, however, warned us about this team. He told us that they were nowhere near as good as his previous teams. That this particular group of freshmen were, unteachable. Still, even he has to be ecstatic about the news today. One of those former “evil” (I kid) freshmen, Willy Cauley-Stein as well as Kyle Wiltjer (will be a junior) will be returning to the program next season.

This is pretty out of the norm of a Calipari Kentucky team. Usually, it is a group of five-seven freshmen all declaring for the draft right after the season ends. Bringing back two, if it were to be only two, players to add to the supposed “greatest recruiting class of all-time” will make the Wildcats a top ranked team once again to start next season.

So, while this season is considered a monumental disappointment for Kentucky, the hype machine will now be back in full-swing thanks to these announcements. Soon as you think you escaped Kentucky hype–they pull you back in.

Oh, Calipari–how you make even your off-season ever so delightful.


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