NCAA Tournament: Michigan Runs Past Florida to Earn a trip to Atlanta

By Anthony Lenahan
Kevin Jairaj-USA Today Sports

An ugly start for Florida told the story for the rest of the game as Michigan chomped down on the Gators to earn the third spot in the Final 4.

Right out of the gates, the game tempo favored Michigan. As you saw when Florida played Florida Gulf Coast, the Gators can’t win when they try to play fast. Once they slowed it down and waited for good shots against the Eagles, they took over and dominated the rest of the way.

Today, Florida got a couple of good looks down low that didn’t go and it was quickly 7-0 Michigan. Instead of trying to get good shots on the next couple of possessions, the Gators quickly chucked up bad shots from the perimeter that didn’t fall.

These bad shots allowed Michigan to get out and run the floor and do what they do best. Florida strives in the half court defense, but it’s not easy to contest shots when you are out-numbered every defensive possession.

At times, Florida was able to settle down and work the ball around to earn themselves a good shot. That is when they were scoring and it was also when they were getting stops, because it allowed for their defense to set up on the other end.  Their were multiple times when Florida went on big runs and looked like they would come back, but then they would go back to their bad habits.

The tempo really dictated the game today and is the main reason Michigan is going to Atlanta. With two teams who want to play at different speeds going against each other, which ever team gets the tempo they want will most likely win.

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