NCAA Tournament: Record For Number of Blowout Wins in Jeopardy

By Anthony Lenahan
Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

With all the upsets that happened during the regular season and the fact that there wasn’t one dominate team the entire year, who would have expected there to be so many blowouts in the NCAA tournament?

It isn’t that there aren’t any upsets or any games between two great teams — it’s the fact that one team shows up to play and the other team doesn’t.

Of the 64 games played so far in the tournament, 40 of them have been won by double digits. Think about it — that is about two-thirds of the games just being blowouts. Two of the No.1 seeds didn’t even beat the 16 seed by double figures, yet more than half of the games have been won by that margin.

The record for number of blowouts in a NCAA tournament is 42. That number occurred both in 2008 and 2001. With three games left in this year’s tournament, there is a potential record-breaker if all three are won by double figures.

With the number of blowouts high, you would expect the higher seeds to be winning all of the games. That isn’t the case though. The total sum of the Final Four seeds is 18, that is the fourth-highest number since the field was expanded.

Also, the lower seed has already won 20 games in this year’s tournament, which is three short of the record and can’t be broken this year because two four-seeds will play against each other. The average victory margin is 13.11 points, which ranks 12th all time.

This NCAA tournament has certainly been madness, especially when you see how many lower seeds have won and then look at how many blowouts there have been.

Will three more blowouts occur to break the NCAA tournament record?

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