North Carolina Tar Heels: James Michael McAdoo Should Go Pro

By Horran Cameron
Peter Aiken-USA Today Sports

James Michael McAdoo is an intriguing player. One minute, he looks like one of the best power forwards in college basketball today. His innate ability to telegraph passes is something that cannot be taught. McAdoo is great at stealing the ball. In addition, he is very agile for a player his size. He handles the basketball fairly well and he can actually go coast to coast on the fast break with the ball in his hand.

Unfortunately for McAdoo, he may have done himself a disservice by playing his sophomore season for the North Carolina Tar Heels. Although McAdoo was the leading scorer for North Carolina this past season, he did not perform well in many of his games. Some people believe that he does not have anything else to prove. It may be in his best interests to forego his college career and play professionally.

On the other hand, sometimes he can look like one of the worst players on the court. In many games, McAdoo did not look like the player he was billed to be.

When you look at him, you see a chiseled young man who comes across as someone who can dominate a game. When he gets the ball in his hands, it is a different story. McAdoo drives to the hole most of the time he gets the ball at the top of the key.

In addition, he shoots jumpers with the confidence that a shooter would have. Although he averaged 14.4 points a game during the 2012-2013 season, he averaged 13 field goal attempts a game.

Since McAdoo’s skill set is somewhat confusing, he should become eligible to play professionally now. If McAdoo goes pro, he will have the opportunity to hone his skills while playing for an NBA team. This would be a great situation for both him and North Carolina.

McAdoo needs to have more structure from his coaches in order for his skill set to develop better. He will be drafted if he goes pro — this is a no-brainer. The right team will help mold his game and make him more NBA-ready.

The sky is the limit for this young man; however, he needs to leave Chapel Hill sooner than later for this to become a reality.

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