2013 NCAA Tournament: Why Did Michigan Wolverines Receive A No. 4 Seed Again?

By Trevor Lowry
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It is so easy for anyone to say that the Michigan Wolverines deserved better than a No. 4 seed now that they have reached the Final Four in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, but seriously, why did Michigan receive a No. 4 seed again?

Well, that is something that I will never be able to understand.

Going into the final week of the regular season, Michigan was ranked No. 6 in the nation. I know rankings aren’t everything, but the Wolverines actually deserved this ranking, since they did beat Pittsburgh, Kansas State, North Carolina State, Minnesota, Illinois (twice), Ohio State and Michigan State on the season. Every single one of those teams made the Big Dance this year.

I understand that Michigan did not finish like it would have wanted to down the stretch, but record and rankings aside, Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glenn Robinson III is one heck of a lineup. A 26-7 record isn’t too shabby either, especially when you play in the Big Ten.

Michigan was once 16-0 on the season. It was consistently ranked in the top 10. Come to think about it, the Wolverines were never ranked outside of the top 10 on the year. Louisville and Kansas both were and they both earned No. 1 seeds. Not to mention, Michigan did beat the Jayhawks in the tournament and all.

Whether the case, Michigan should have earned a No. 3 seed at the very least. That still would have been a little questionable though. Well, the Wolverines will be playing in the Final Four regardless, but it still is a mystery to me on why they received a No. 4 seed.


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