Florida Gulf Coast Coach Andy Enfield Made Bad Decision By Taking USC Job

By Taylor Sturm

Andy Enfield, the former head coach of the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, has taken the head coaching position for the USC Trojans. This was a mistake.

Enfield had a realistic opportunity to build a reputable program at FGCU. There would have been recruits who were beyond anything the Eagles had ever dreamed of acquiring jumping at a chance to play for the biggest underdogs in NCAA tournament history. They would have been able to compete with the top recruits in Florida that the Florida Gators and Florida State Seminoles seem to have on lock.

USC is not a safe bet for an unproven coach. It doesn’t matter how well Enfield coaches; if he doesn’t make an NCAA tournament in the next two years, he will be fired.

The Pac-12 is not a league that any coach wants to get his “big chance” opportunity, because there is such a rich history of talented coaches and players that meeting expectations becomes nearly impossible. Look at the success and then eventual firing of Ben Howland at UCLA for a season that many schools wouldn’t dream of having; Enfield had job security at FGCU that he won’t have at USC.

I’m not saying Enfield isn’t a good coach; he clearly has an opportunity to succeed with the Trojans. He does make a significant amount of more money coaching the Trojans (above $1 million compared to $157,000), but his estimated worth is already well above 50 million.

Staying at FGCU was the much more practical decision. Enfield’s stay at USC will be short and uneventful, and it’s a shame that the Eagles are left without a head coach when their program has so much potential.

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