Important 2013 NCAA Tournament Development: If Wichita State Wins, Free Pizza Hut for All

By Joseph Nardone
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things in life that truly makes me happy. If shoved in a corner and forced to name a few things, my kids and ice cream are just a couple that immediately pop in my cranium. My love does not stop there, however, as I love myself some good old-fashioned pizza. Too bad for me — I never attended school at the Wichita State Shockers university.

Wichita State is in the middle of a historic NCAA Tournament run. Just having made the Final Four for the first time since 1965, Wichita is completely bonkers over everything Shockers-related — completely understandable as well, as they also love pizza.

Reason being, the wonderful franchise known as Pizza Hut calls Wichita, Kansas home.

Personally, after a Little Caesar’s shut down in my area when I was 10, I have never been able to fully recover from the pizza-franchise business. I have felt that they are all evil, and only goals that they have are making money and making me (a 10 years-old version) cry uncontrollably in a confused mother’s lap (confused because she was not my mother and because, well, it was just pizza).

Pizza Hut, however, is making an attempt to win back the hearts of millions with a new deal. If Wichita State happens to win the National Title, it’s free pizza for every student at the school. Also, if the Shockers win, the Hut will lower pizza prices to $9 on a national level (Because of the Shockers’ 9-seed).

Is this a PR ploy the Hut is using because they don’t actually think Wichita State is going to win? You bet your pizza-loving rears. Still, I like to hope that some poor college student, who is holding his X-Box controller in one hand and a box of tissues in another, will be able to enjoy some free Pizza Hut pizza.

America, a place where pizza gets people genuinely excited.

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